Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy

The SECAS Steering Committee provides oversight and strategic direction to the SECAS partnership to strengthen collaboration for landscape scale conservation while honoring differing responsibilities and authorities among participating agencies and organizations. SECAS serves as a regional forum for collaboration and as a science and information hub to inform conservation decisions across jurisdictions. Steering Committee members help to guide the actions of designated Points of Contact to support, promote, and improve the products and services of SECAS. Committee members communicate the priorities and actions of SECAS among SEAFWA agencies and other partner organizations.

Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy

Committee Chair: Robert H. Boyles, Director
Department of Natural Resources
Rembert C. Dennis Building
Director Department of Natural Resources

PO Box 167
Columbia, SC 29202

PH   803-734-4007
FX   803-734-9809

Coordinator: Mallory G. Martin
Coordinator, Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy
US Fish & Wildlife Service
T   919-606-1403

Steering Committee
Sara Parker Pauley – MO
Bobby Wilson – TN
Eric Sutton – FL
Ted Will – GA
Leo Miranda - USFWS