Presenter Guidelines

Oral and Poster Presentation Guidelines

Congratulations on your abstract being accepted for the SEAFWA Annual Conference!  Here are a few tips to make sure your experience is successful. Please read carefully and contact us if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Abstracts: A full schedule of technical sessions with abstracts is available on the conference website. Please review and let us know immediately if any changes or modifications need to be made to your abstract listing (title, presenter names, abstract text, etc.) Send via email to
Registration:  All presenters are required to register and pay applicable fees to attend the conference (register online).  
Venue: Be sure to make your hotel reservation! See reservation details on the Location & Lodging page.


Unless otherwise arranged with symposium organizers and program co-chairs, oral presentation speakers will be allowed 20 minutes for their presentation - this includes time for Q & A. Typically 15 minutes for presentations will allow time for questions and the transition between speakers. Each session will be assigned a moderator to assist with speaker transitions and to keep the sessions on schedule.

Each meeting room will have a data projector, screen, and laptop with Microsoft Office 2013. This will provide backward compatibility for earlier versions of MS Office (2010, 2007,2003 and 2002 {XP}). Laptops will also have a PDF reader and at least one Web Browser, but may not have direct Internet access. Please bring your presentation to the conference on: flash drive/data stick clearly labeled with presenter name, track name, presentation date and time). Personal laptops will not be accepted.  Note: The conference will not support "Mac" computers or software. If your presentation format requires more software or hardware than would be normally present on a well-updated Windows laptop, please contact Delaney Meeting & Event Management at, as well as the session moderator.

All presenters must drop off a copy of their presentation to the Speaker Ready Room (TBD).  Plan to arrive and check in here prior to your scheduled presentation time: for morning sessions, presentations must be loaded no later than 3:00 PM the day before; for afternoon sessions, no later than 10:00 AM the day of.  The Conference AV Staff will distribute all presentations to the appropriate meeting rooms before the sessions begin. Please do not show up for your presentation expecting to be able to load your file onto the meeting room laptop at the last minute. We cannot guarantee that presentations will get properly uploaded if you wait until the start of your session. The Speaker “Ready Room” will also be available as a quiet space you can use to review your presentation or make last minute modifications. If you plan on using video or audio as part of your presentation, you must test your presentation on the conference computer. You should not plan on hyperlinking to a website to present video or audio, embed the content directly into your Powerpoint presentation.


Each poster presenter will have access to a free-standing bulletin board, which will be set up around the perimeter of the ballroom. Your poster cannot exceed 44" x 44". We will provide push pins to use for affixing your poster to the board.

Each poster will be assigned a # for example P01. You will be asked to set up your poster on the board as indicated by this assignment. This will assist attendees in finding a particular poster. A list will be published in the final program book. 

SET UP: Monday from 12:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. 
The Poster Session & Social is scheduled for Monday from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. All presenting authors are expected to be at their poster during that time to discuss their work and answer any questions from attendees.

TEAR DOWN: Please remove your poster NO LATER THAN 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday.
NOTE:  If you do not remove your poster by the time indicated, your poster will be discarded.