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Pesticide, PCB, and Heavy Metal Residues in South Carolina Mink

Author: D. Breck Carmichael, Jr. and O. E. Baker, III
Citation: Proc. Annu. Conf. Southeast. Assoc. Fish and Wild!. Agencies 43:
Section: Wildlife Session
Page Numbers: 444-451
Year: 1989
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Tissues from 61 mink (Mustela vison) harvested in two areas in South Carolina during the 1987-88 season were screened for pesticide, PCB, and heavy metal residues. Low levels of DDT and DDE were detected. Although 90% of samples contained measurable levels of DDE, the low concentrations found in all but I animal should not present any problems to these mink populations. Many (43%) samples contained PCBs, and all samples had detectible heavy metal residues. Levels did not approach those published for mink that suffered mortality in laboratory studies; however, sublethal effects on mink reproduction need to be considered.

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