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Angler Use, Success, and Characteristics on Greers Ferry Tailwater, Arkansas, with Implications to Management

Author: Darrell W. Bowman, T. R. Bly, S. P. Filipek, C. A. Perrin, J. D. Stark, and B. K. Wagner
Citation: Proc. Annu. Conf. Southeast. Assoc. Fish and Wildl. Agencies 48:
Section: Nongame Session
Page Numbers: 499-511
Year: 1994
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A roving creel survey was conducted on the Greers Ferry tailwater, Arkansas, from 1988 through 1992. Estimated angler use was high, averaging 295,319 angler hours and 1,006.5 angler hours per hectare annually. Estimated harvest of rainbow trout was high and consisted of mostly catchable size, stocked fish. Only 25% of rainbow trout caught were released. Catch of trophy size brown trout declined after the implementation of a 406-mm (16-inch) minimum length 2 fish per day creel limit in January 1990.
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