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J. Wesley Neal

Comparison of Diploid and Triploid Largemouth Bass Growth and Maturation in Puerto Rico

Kimberly I. Bonvechio, Erin Leone, R. Eric Sawyers, Steve Crawford

Increasing the Efficiency of Florida's Freshwater Fisheries Long-term Monitoring Program

Stephen J. Owens, Daniel Wilson, George Palmer,Johnathan Harris, Thomas Hampton

Differences in Angler Catch and Exploitation of Walleye from Virginia Waters

Kurt E. Kuklinski

Comparison of Growth, Abundance, and Emigration of Two Morone Hybrids in a High Flow-through Oklahoma Reservoir

M. Todd Driscoll, Randall A. Myers

Black Bass Tournament Characteristics and Economic Value at Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas

Timothy F. Bonvechio, Bryant R. Bowen, Jeremy M. Wixson, Micheal S. Allen

Exploitation and Length Limit Evaluation of Largemouth Bass in Three Georgia Small Impoundments

William Ray, Don Groom, Curtis Tackett

Survey and Status of Mussels and Mussel Habitat in the Poteau River in Southeastern Oklahoma

Kevin P. Sullivan

Using Angler Diaries to Assess Catch and Harvest Trends for Blue Catfish and Flathead Catfish in a Missouri Reservoir

Brittany M. DiLillo, Jessica S. Thompson, Lisa S. Webb

Molecular and Analytical Approaches to Evaluate Chromium Contamination of Estuarine Systems in Hampton Roads, Virginia

Gregory R. Moyer, Ashantye S. Williams, Michael L. Jolley, Brandon J. Ragland, Timothy N. Churchill

Genetic Confirmation and Assessment of an Unauthorized Fish Introduction in Parksville Reservoir, Tennessee

Chas P. Patterson

A Comparison of a Fixed vs. Stratified Random Sampling Design for Electrofishing Largemouth Bass in Oklahoma

Anthony V. Fernando, Brandon W. Baker, Clint R. Peacock, Michael A. Eggleton

Ageing Precision and Error Analysis of Whole-view and Sectioned Otoliths in Largemouth Bass and Spotted Bass

Patrick M. O'Rouke

Diet Composition of Wild Brown Trout and Stocked Rainbow Trout in a Coldwater Tailwater Fishery in North Georgia

Jason D. Schooley, Andrea Crews, Dennis L. Scarnecchia

Harvest Management Regulation Options for Oklahoma's Grand Lake Stock of Paddlefish

Bruce T. Hysmith, John H. Moczygemba, M. S. Allen, M. T. Driscoll, R. A. Myers

Population-level Impacts of Largemouth Bass Mortality Associated with Tournaments in a Texas Reservoir

Nicholas J. Porter, Joshua L. McCormick, Michael C. Quist, Timothy F. Bonvechio

Population Dynamics of Bowfin in a South Georgia Reservoir: Latitudinal Comparisons of Population Structure, Growth, and Mortality

Michael E. Byrne, James G. Dickson, Larry Savage, Michael J. Chamberlain, Norman J. Stafford III

Survival and Recovery Rates of Male Wild Turkeys on Private Lands in North-central Louisiana

Jessie L. Birckhead, Craig A. Harper, Patrick D. Keyser, David McIntosh, Elizabeth D. Holcomb, Gary E. Bates, John C. Waller

Structure of Avian Habitat Following Hay and Biofuels Production in Native Warm-season Grass Stands in the Mid-South

Scott L. Edwards, Scott L. Edwards, Randy Spencer, Steve Demaris

State Agency and University Cooperative Wildlife Research: Mississippi's 37-year Success Story

Matthew T. Moore, Aaron M. Foley, Charles A. DeYoung, David G. Hewitt, Timothy E. Fulbright, Don A. Draeger

Evaluation of Population Estimates of White-tailed Deer from Camera Survey

John P. Gruchy, Craig A. Harper

Effects of Field Management Practices on Northern Bobwhite Habitat

David Ferrell, Tanner Romsdal, Eric Pelren, Bradley Ray

Seasonal Diurnal Refugia Use by Raccoons in an Agricultural Landscape

Jessica E. Mayer, Tasha L. King, Birendra KC, Bryan Will, M. Nils Peterson

Evaluating Poaching Deterrents in the Southeast

Kelly E. Douglass, David T. Cobb, Phillip D. Doerr

Hunter Use of Publicly Managed Mourning Dove Fields

Amber D. Breland, R. Dwayne Elmore, Samuel D. Fuhlendorf

Black-tailed Prairie Dog Colony Expansion and Forage Response to Fire/Grazing Interaction

M. Andy Pedersen, Seth M. Berry, Jeffery C. Bossart

A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Fixed Blade and Mechanical Broadheads

W. Ryan Jerrolds, Barbara A. Darroch, Eric C. Pelren, R. Gray Anderson

A Survey to Estimate Population Distribution of and Damage Caused by Feral Swine in Tennessee

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