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Daniel J. Daugherty, Daniel L. Bennett, Brian VanZee, Tiffany Morgan, John Tibbs

Effects of Water-level Reductions on Littoral Habitat and Recreational Access in Brazos River Reservoirs, Texas

Daniel L. Bennett, Richard A. Ott, C. Craig Bonds

Surveys of Texas Bow Anglers, with Implications for Managing Alligator Gar

Ben C. Neely, Daniel L. Bennett, Jeff D. Koch, Sean T. Lynott, Susan F. Steffen

Characteristics of the Paddlefish Fishery at Chetopa Dam, Kansas, 1992 - 2006

Ben C. Neely, Susan F. Steffen, Sean T. Lynott, Jeff D. Koch

Review of Paddlefish Management in Kansas from 1972 to 2013 and Implications for Future Conservation

Michael J. Maceina, Steven M. Sammons

Stocking Threadfin Shad to Enhance Largemouth Bass Populations in Two Alabama Ponds

M. Clint Lloyd, J. Wesley Neal

Comparison of an Active and a Passive Age-0 Fish Sampling Gear in a Tropical Reservoir

Scott F. Morrison, Lila H. Warren

Seasonal Movements of Muskellunge in North Bend Lake, West Virginia

Hal Schramm, Gene Gilliland

Achieving High Survival of Tournament-caught Black Bass: Past Efforts and Future Needs and Opportunities

Greg R. Binion, Daniel J. Daugherty, Kristopher A. Bodine

Population Dynamics of Alligator Gar in Choke Canyon Reservoir, Texas: Implications for Management

Craig T. Mallison, Eric J. Nagid

Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Quantify Fish and Wildlife Habitat in Orange Lake, Florida

Travis Tuten, Andrew C. Dutterer, Eric J. Nagid, Kevin G. Johnson, Matthew V. Lauretta

Variability in Haul Seine Retention Rates and its Effects on Abundance and Size Structure Estimates of Black Crappie and Sunfish Populations

Timothy W. Birdsong, Megan Bean, Timothy B. Grabowski, Thomas B. Hardy, Thomas Heard, Derrick Holdstock, Kristy Kollaus, Stephan Magnelia, Kristina Tolman

Application and Utility of a Low-cost Unmanned Aerial System to Manage and Conserve Aquatic Resources in Four Texas Rivers

Tyler Stubbs, Jason Olive, Nathan Martin, Charles Watts

Population Characteristics of Flathead Catfish in the Lower Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway

Timothy F. Bonvechio, Brandon W. Bake, , Bryant R. Bowen

Population Dynamics of White Crappie Occurring in a Small Georgia Impoundment Stocked with Female-only Largemouth Bass

Christy L. Graham, Phillip W. Bettoli, Timothy N. Churchill

An Assessment of Sauger Population Characteristics on Two Tennessee River Reservoirs

Lynn D. Wright, John R. Jackson, Steve E. Lochmann

An Evaluation of Crappie Supplemental Stocking in Arkansas Impoundments

J. Eric Ganus, Timothy N. Churchill, William P. Black

Population Characteristics of White Bass and an Evaluation of Minimum Length Limits in Kentucky Lake, Tennessee

Joseph R. Marty, J. Brian Davis, Richard M. Kaminski, Michael G. Brasher, Guiming Wang

Waste Rice and Natural Seed Abundances in Rice Fields in the Louisiana and Texas Coastal Prairies

John T. Gross, Bradley S. Cohen, Thomas J. Prebyl, Michael J. Chamberlain

Movements of Wild Turkey Hunters During Spring in Louisiana

Gregory D. Balkcom, David Mixon

Survival and Recovery Rates of Mottled Ducks in Georgia 2006-2013

Jeremy J. Flinn, Stephen Demaris, Bronson K. Strickland, Kenneth L. Gee, Stephen L. Webb, Phillip D. Jones, Harry A. Jacobson

Estimating Age and Antler Traits of Photographed Male White-tailed Deer

John E. Hickman, William D. Gulsby, Charlie H. Killmaster, John W. Bowers, Michael E. Byrne, Michael J. Chamberlain, Karl V. Miller

Home Range, Habitat Use, and Movement Patterns of Female Coyotes in Georgia: Implications for Fawn Predation

Bobby T. Bond, Gregory D. Balkcom

Importance of Limiting Vehicle Access on Wildlife Management Areas in Middle Georgia for Black Bear Management

Elizabeth A. Rigby, David A. Haukos

Duckling Survival, Fecundity, and Habitat Selection of Mottled Duck Broods on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast

Mary M. Streich, Andrew R. Little, Michael J. Chamberlain, L. Mike Conner, Robert J. Warren

Habitat Characteristics of Eastern Wild Turkey Nest and Ground-roost Sites in 2 Longleaf Pine Forests

Holly K. Ober, Sarah E. Friedl, Melissa P. Tucker

Data from Rapid Inventories of Bats As Insight for Forest Habitat Management

Steven G. Williams, David T. Cobb, Jaime A. Collazo

Elk Habitat Suitability Map for North Carolina

Levi B. Horrell, Bradley S. Cohen, Karl V. Miller, Michael J. Chamberlain

Geographical Variation in Nutritional Quality of White-tailed Deer Forage Plants in Louisiana

Benjamin C. Jones, Carrie S. Dobey, Craig A. Harper, David A. Buehler, Jennifer L. Kleitch

Ruffed Grouse Reproductive Ecology and Nest Site Selection in Western North Carolina

James H. Stickles, Charles S. Evans, Charlie H. Killmaster, David A. Osborn, David B. Stone, Karl V. Miller, Robert J. Warren

Using Deer-vehicle Collisions to Map White-tailed Deer Breeding Activity in Georgia

Melinda A. Nelson, Michael J. Cherry, M. Brent Howze, Robert J. Warren, L. Mike Conner

Coyote and Bobcat Predation on White-tailed Deer Fawns in a Longleaf Pine Ecosystem in Southwestern Georgia

David A. Haukos , David A. Haukos

Survival and Recovery Rates of Mottled Ducks Banded in Texas and Louisiana

Stephen K. McDowell, Warren C. Conway, David A. Haukos, Jena A. Moon, Christopher E. Comer, I-Kuai Hung

Blood Lead Exposure Concentrations in Mottled Ducks (Anas fulvigula) on the Upper Texas Coast

John T. Gross, Andrew R. Little, Bret A. Collier, Michael J. Chamberlain

Space Use, Daily Movements, and Roosting Behavior of Male Wild Turkeys During Spring in Louisiana and Texas

Ashley M. Unger, Evan P. Tanner, Craig A. Harper, Patrick D. Keyser, Frank T. Van Manen, John J. Morgan, Danna L. Baxley

Northern Bobwhite Seasonal Habitat Selection on a Reclaimed Surface Coal Mine in Kentucky

Jordan S. Nanney, Adam S. Willcox, Allan E. Houston, Craig A. Harper

Influence of a Quality Deer Management Program on Hunter Knowledge, Perceptions and Satisfaction

Jena A. Moon, David A. Haukos, Warren C. Conway

Mottled Duck (Anas fulvigula) Movements in the Texas Chenier Plain Region

Jarred M. Brooke, P. Seth Basinger, Jordan S. Nanney, Craig A. Harper

Effectiveness of Three Postemergence Herbicides in Controlling an Invasive Annual Grass, Microstegium vimineum

James C. Shipes, Ernie P. Wiggers, J. Brian Davis, Molly R. Kneece, Richard M. Kaminski, William E. Mills

Annual Habitat Selection by Mottled Ducks in Coastal South Carolina

Brian Kearns, David Haukos, Patrick Walther, Warren Conway

Factors Affecting Fat Content in Mottled Ducks on the Upper Texas Gulf Coast

Joseph D. Lancaster, Joseph D. Lancaster, J. Brian Davis, Richard M. Kaminski, Alan D. Afton, Edward J. Penny

Mallard Use of a Managed Public Hunting Area in Mississippi

Emma V. Willcox, William M. Giuliano

Influence of Roller Chopping and Prescribed Burning on Insects in Pine Flatwoods

James D. Kelly, Charlie H. Killmaster, John W. Bowers, Karl V. Miller, William D. Gulsby

Seasonal and Spatial Variation in Diets of Coyotes in Central Georgia

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