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Todd Ewing, Michael Gangloff

Using Changes in Naive Occupancy to Detect Population Declines in Aquatic Species; Case Study: Stability of Greenhead Shiner in North Carolina

Richard A. Snow, James M. Long

Effects of a Growth Check on Daily Age Estimates of Age-0 Alligator Gar

Kevin J. Hining, David L. Yow, Kinnon B. Hodges

Stocking Contributions of Black Crappie Fingerlings in Lake Hickory, North Carolina

J. Brian Alford, Brian Heimann

Spotted Bass Population Structure and Diet in Wadeable and Non-wadeable Streams Draining the Lake Pontchartrain Basin

Eva R. Hillmann, Kristin Elise DeMarco, Megan La Peyre

Establishing a Baseline of Estuarine Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Resources Across Salinity Zones Within Coastal Areas of the Northern Gulf of Mexico

David L. Buckmeier, Allyse M. Ferrara, J. Warren Schlechte, Kirk Kirkland, Nathan G. Smith

Characteristics and Conservation of a Trophy Alligator Gar Population in the Middle Trinity River, Texas

William T. Russ, Zach J. Loughman, Roger F. Thoma, Brian T. Watson, Todd D. Ewing

New River Crayfish Range Wide Status Assessment

Daniel E. Ashe, M. Todd Driscol, J. Warren Schlechte

Stocking Contribution of Fingerling Largemouth Bass in Three Aquatic Vegetation Types in Toledo Bend Reservoir, Texas-Louisiana

Nathan G. Smith, David L. Buckmeier

Living on the Edge: Persistence of a Fringe Striped Bass Population

Michael S. Baird, Dijar J. Lutz-Carrillo, J. Warren Schlechte, Juan G. Martinez, Mukhtar A. Farooqi, Thomas J. Hungerford, Timothy J. Bister

Comparison of Growth of Selectively Bred and Resident Largemouth Bass in Texas Small Impoundments

Todd D. Ewing, Roger F. Thoma, Stephen J. Fraley, William T. Russ, Jesse Pope

Distribution and Conservation Status of the Grandfather Mountain Crayfish

Cynthia N. Fox, Allyse M. Ferrara, Andy Fischer, Quenton C. Fontenot

Seasonal Abundance, Age Structure, GSI, and Gonad Histology of Yellow Bass in the Upper Barataria Estuary, Louisiana

Thomas L. Litts, Adam J. Kaeser

Mapping Potential Spawning Substrate for Shortnose and Atlantic Sturgeon in Coastal Plain Rivers of Georgia Using Low-cost Side-scan Sonar

Kevin J. Hining, Jacob M. Rash

Use of Trail Cameras to Assess Angler Use of Two Remote Trout Streams in North Carolina

Jacob M. Rash, Kerry J. Linehan

Collaborating with Stakeholders to Revise a Statewide Trout Management Plan in North Carolina

Kyler B. Hecke, Brett A. Timmons, Eric L. Brinkman,Jason A. Olive, Michael A. Eggleton

Relationships between Hydrology and Largemouth Bass Growth in the Ouachita River, Arkansas

Jeremy T. Risley, Ronald L. Johnson

Effectiveness of Slot-length Limits to Maintain an Arkansas Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishery Characterized by High Voluntary Release Rates by Anglers

Walter Rogers, Brie Elking, Anthony Overton

A Review of Marine Recreational Hook Regulations in the United States: Accessibility, Incorporation of Science, and Recommendations

Timothy F. Bonvechio, Jason E. Marsik, Carl W. Bussells

Population Dynamics of Introduced Flathead Catfish in Two Atlantic Coastal Plain Rivers Under Differing Management Strategies

Timothy F. Bonvechio, Joseph J. Rydell

Use of a Female-only Stocking Strategy to Establish a Trophy Largemouth Bass Fishery in a Georgia Small Impoundment

Charles Munger, Lynn Wright, John Dennis, John Moczygemba, Mike Gore, Dennis Smith

Temporal Patterns of Angler Use and Abundance of Stocked 229-mm Channel Catfish in Twenty Small Texas Impoundments

Amanda M. Bushon, Jacob M. Rash, Christopher J. Goudreau

Trout Population and Temperature Monitoring within Nantahala River Bypass Reach, North Carolina, in Response to Recreational Flow Releases

Lawrence G. Dorsey, Michael A. Abney

Changes in Black Bass Population Characteristics after the Introduction of Alabama Bass in Lake Norman, North Carolina

D.P. Dreves, J.R. Ross, J.T. Kosa

Effect of Trophy Regulations and Reservoir Discharge on a Population of Stocked Brown Trout in a Large, Southeastern United States Tailwater

Jarred M. Brooke, Craig A. Harper

Herbicides are Effective for Reducing Dense Native Warm-season Grass and Controlling a Common Invasive Species, Sericea Lespedeza

Laura Garland, Connor Ellis, Todd Steury

Food Habits of Black Bears in Suburban versus Rural Alabama

Forrest E. Cortes, Todd D. Steury

Factors that Influence the Risk of Carnivore Road Mortality in Central Alabama

Jared T. Beaver, Craig A. Harper, Lisa I. Muller, Peyton S. Basinger, Matthew J. Goode, Frank T. Van Manen

Current and Spatially Explicit Capture-recapture Analysis Methods for Infrared Triggered Camera Density Estimation of White-tailed Deer

Bradley S. Cohen, Erin H. Leone, Elina P. Garrison, Cory R. Morea, Steve M. Shea, Karl V. Miller, Michael J. Cherry

Evaluation of Antler-based Selective Harvest Criteria on Harvest and Antler Size of Male White-tailed Deer in Florida

Taylor N. Simoneaux, Bradley S. Cohen, Elizabeth A. Cooney, Rebecca M. Shuman, Michael J. Chamberlain, Karl V. Miller

Fine-scale Movements of Adult Male White-tailed Deer in Northeastern Louisiana during the Hunting Season

Gretchen E. Nareff, Sara H. Schweitzer, Ernie P. Wiggers, William E. Mills

Time-activity Budgets of Yellowlegs in Managed Tidal Impoundments and Adjacent Tidal Marshes

Jeffery D. Sullivan, Stephen S. Ditchkoff, Bret A. Collier, Charles R. Ruth, Joshua B. Raglin

Movement with the Moon: White-tailed Deer Activity and Solunar Events

H. Tyler Pittman, David G. Krementz

Efficacy of Landscape Scale Oak Woodland and Savanna Restoration in the Ozark Highlands of Arkansas

S. Kathryn Hasapes, Christopher E. Comer

Adult White-tailed Deer Seasonal Home Range and Habitat Composition in Northwest Louisiana

David W. Kramer, Thomas J. Preby, , James H. Stickles, David A. Osborn, Brian J. Irwin, Nathan P. Nibbelink, Robert J. Warren

Using GPS Telemetry to Determine Roadways Most Susceptible to Deer-vehicle Collisions

Kristin E. DeMarco, Eva R. Hillmann, Michael G. Brasher, Megan La Peyre

Brackish Marsh Zones as a Waterfowl Habitat Resource in Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Beds in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Katherine E. Edwards, Jeanne C. Jones, David L. Evans, Scott D. Roberts, H. Alexis Londo, Scott A. Tweddale, Zhaofei Fan

Habitat Characteristics Associated with Burrows of Gopher Tortoises and Non-burrow Locations on a Mississippi Military Installation

Mikayla Seamster, Christopher Inscore, David T. Cobb

Occupancy of Large Canids in Eastern North Carolina - A Pilot Study

Kelly E. Douglass, David T. Cobb, Phillip D. Doerr

The Effects of Tillage on Shot Concentrations in Dove Fields

Michaela Foster, M. Nils Peterson, Frederick Cubbage, Gerard McMahon

Meta-analysis of Natural Resource Conservation Plan Evaluations

Marion Deerhake, Jennifer L. Murrow, Katherine Heller, David T. Cobb, Brad Howard

Assessing the Feasibility of a Sustainable, Huntable Elk Population in North Carolina


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