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Daniel L. Bennett, Kristopher A. Bodine, J. Warren Schlechte, Richard A. Ott, Jacob D. Norman

Fishing Practices and Motivations of Hand Fishers in Texas

David L. Buckmeier, Nathan G. Smith, Daniel J. Daugherty, Daniel L. Bennett

Reproductive Ecology of Alligator Gar: Identification of Environmental Drivers of Recruitment Success

Aaron J. Bunch, Robert S. Greenlee, John S. Odenkirk

Evaluation of Largemouth Bass Supplemental Stocking on a Virginia Coastal River

Elise R. Irwin, Jeffery Terhune

Solving Problems in Fisheries Management: Proof of Concept Using Structured Decision Making at the Undergraduate Level

Tomas J. Ivasauskas, Wilson N. Xiong, Augustin C. Engman, Jesse R. Fischer, Thomas J. Kwak, Kirk R. Rundle

Relationships Among Catch, Angler Satisfaction, and Fish Assemblage Characteristics of an Urban Small Impoundment Fishery

Michael D. Kaller, Joshua C. Herron, A. Raynie Harlan, Tiffany E. Pasco, William E. Kelso

Diel Differences in Electrofishing Catch in the Atchafalaya River Basin, Louisiana

Patrick M. O'Rouke

Movement and Growth of Wild Brown Trout in the Chattahoochee River below Lake Lanier, Georgia

Jeremy T. Risley, Ronald L. Johnson, Jeffrey W. Quinn

Evaluation of the Commercially Exploited Paddlefish Fishery in the Lower Mississippi River of Arkansas

Richard A. Snow, James M. Long, Bryan D. Frenette

Validation of Daily Increments Periodicity in Otoliths of Spotted Gar

Russell R. Skoglund, Steven E. Hayslette

Effect of Spinning-Wing Decoys on Mourning Dove Harvest Vulnerability in Tennessee

Jeffrey P. Duguay, Kim Marie Tolson, James Holt

Lead Shot Concentrations in and Adjacent to Fields Managed for Mourning Doves and Effects of Tillage on Shot Concentrations in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Gregory D. Balkcom, Bobby T. Bond

An Evaluation of Georgia's Public Mourning Dove Hunting Demand and Opportunity

M. T. Haugen, M. P. Vrtiska, L. A. Powell

Variation in Number of Ducks Harvested among Hunters in the Central Flyway

Bret A. Collier, Patrick Wightman, Michael J. Chamberlain, Jay Cantrell, Charles Ruth

Hunting Activity and Male Wild Turkey Movements in South Carolina

Bret A. Collier, Joshua D. Guthrie, Jason B. Hardin, Kevin L. Skow

Movements and Habitat Selection of Male Rio Grande Wild Turkeys during Drought in South Texas

Dean D. Marquardt, Luke Scroggs, Brian L. Pierce, Kevin L. Skow, Kevin D. Mote, Bret A. Collier

Assessment of GPS Transmitters for Use on Northern Bobwhite Quail

Chad H. Newbolt, Seth Rankin, Stephen S. Ditchkoff

Temporal and Sex-related Differences in use of Baited Sites by White-tailed Deer

Timothy J. Neuman, Chad H. Newbolt, Stephen S. Ditchkoff

The Influence of Population Demographics on White-tailed Deer Fawning Season

Michael P. Glow, Stephen S. Ditchkoff

Economic Optimization of Forage and Nutrient Availability During Stress Periods for White-tailed Deer

Andrew R. Little, Adam Hammond, James A. Martin, Kristina L. Johannsen, Karl V. Miller

Population Growth and Mortality Sources of the Black Bear Population in Northern Georgia

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