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Andrew T. Taylor, Michael D. Tringali, Patrick M. O'Rouke, James M. Long

Shoal Bass Hybridization in the Chattahoochee River Basin near Atlanta, Georgia

Kevin W. Storey, Aaron K. Jubar

The Lake Fork Trophy Largemouth Bass Survey: Benefits and Limitations of Using Volunteer Angler Data to Assess the Performance of a Trophy Fishery

Richard A. Snow, Daniel E. Shoup, Michael J. Porta

Effects of Starvation on Thermal Tolerances of Juvenile Tiger Muskellunge

Michael J. Porta, Richard A. Snow, Daniel E. Shoup

Comparison of Saugeye Age Estimates and Population Characteristics Using Otoliths and Dorsal Spines

Corbin D. Hilling, Aaron J. Bunch, Robert S. Greenlee, Donald J. Orth, Yan Jiao

Natural Mortality and Size Structure of Introduced Blue Catfish in Virginia Tidal Rivers

Cecil A. Jennings, Geoffrey E. Mitchell, Chris Nelson

Seasonal Food Habits of Introduced Blue Catfish in Lake Oconee, Georgia

Benjamin D. Dickinson, Steve L. McMullin, Donald J. Orth, John R. Copeland

Variation in Trotline Catfish Catch and Bycatch Rates by Hook and Bait Type in the New River, Virginia

Nagaraj G. Chatakondi, Brian C. Peterson

Cortisol Responsiveness to Stress in Juvenile Channel Catfish Influences Susceptibility to Enteric Septicemia of Catfish

Leslie M. Burger, J. Wesley Neal, Robert D. Lusk

The Role of Private Ponds in Recruiting the Next Generation of Anglers

J. Wesley Neal, M. Clint Lloyd

Response of Fish Populations to Floating Streambed Wetlands

Brian C. Reeder

Five-year Changes in Pond Sediment Nutrients and Phosphorus Adsorption-Desorption at Minor Clark Fish Hatchery, Kentucky

Rebecca M. Shuman, Michael J. Cherry, Elizabeth A. Dutoit, Taylor N. Simoneaux, Karl V. Miller, Michael J. Chamberlain

Resource Selection by Parturient and Post-parturient White-tailed Deer and their Fawns

D. Todd Baker, R. Scott Durham, Trebor J. Victoriano, Scott Armand, Bret A. Collier

Apparent Survival of White-tailed Deer in the Mississippi River Delta of Louisiana

Caleb A. Haymes, Joseph R. McDermott, Gabriel S. W. Jenkins, Will E. Bowling, John T. Hast, Kristina L. Johannsen, John J. Cox

Survival and Cause-Specific Mortality of White-tailed Deer in Southeastern Kentucky

Andrew R. Little, Gino J. D'Angelo, Charlie H. Killmaster, Kristina L. Johannsen, Karl V. Miller

Understanding Deer, Bear, and Forest Trends in the North Georgia Mountains: The Value of Long-term Data

Jason L. Isabelle, Adam B. Butler, Charles Ruth, D. Kevin Lowrey

Considerations for Timing of Spring Wild Turkey Hunting Seasons in the Southeastern United States

Patrick H. Wightman, Jay R. Cantrell, Charles R. Ruth, Michael E. Byrne, Michael J. Chamberlain, Bret A. Collier

Impact of Supplemental Feeding for Northern Bobwhite on Movement Ecology of Eastern Wild Turkeys in South Carolina

Justyn R. Foth, Richard M. Kaminski, J. Brian Davis, Jacob N. Straub, Theodor D. Leininger

Aquatic Invertebrate Community Composition, Diversity, and Biomass in Non-impounded Bottomland Hardwood Forests and Greentree Reservoirs

Joshua M. Johnson, Terri J. Maness

Response of Wintering Birds to Simulated Birder Playback and Pishing

Micah W. Perkins, Perri K. Eason

Northern Watersnake Selection of Fish Prey in Western Kentucky

Helen E. Tripp, Robert A. Gitzen, Amy L. Silvano

Individual-based modeling to project viability of gopher tortoise populations under alternative management scenarios: A case study with two Alabama Wildlife Management Areas

Kalysha E. Clark, Erika Chin, M. Nils Peterson, Kirsten Lackstrom, Kirstin Dow, Michaela Foster, Fred Cubbage

Evaluating Climate Change Planning for Longleaf Pine Ecosystems in the Southeast United States

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