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J. Wesley Neal

Increasing Largemouth Bass Carrying Capacity Using Destratification: A Case Study

Michael J. Maceina, Patrick L. Snellings,Terry R. Hanson, Diane Hite

Sociodemographic and Economic Characteristics of Black Bass Anglers Participating in Different Tournament Types on Lake Guntersville, Alabama

David L. Armstrong, Jr., Tommy R. Purcell, Ryan Peaslee

Stocking of Advanced-Size Largemouth Bass in Two Estuarine Creeks and a Freshwater Impoundment in Southwest Alabama

Hunter J. Roop, Neelam C. Poudyal, Cecil A. Jennings

Angler Catch and Harvest of Targeted Sportfishes in Small Georgia Lakes

Hugh K. Henderson, Russell A. Wright,Dennis R. DeVries ,Matthew J. Catalano, David C. Glover

Evaluation of Supplemental Pellet Feeding and Threadfin Shad Addition on Stable Isotope Signature and Potential Influence on Fish Growth in Recreational Fishing Ponds

Peter C. Sakaris, Jesse J. Sunga, Jessica N. Coover

Comparison of Otoliths and Scales in Estimating Age of Redbreast Sunfish and Green Sunfish in the Yellow River Watershed, Georgia

Daniel J. Daugherty, Kevin L. Pangle, David L. Buckmeier, Nathan G. Smith

A Tale of Two Timescales: Using Otolith Microchemistry to Improve Our Understanding of Alligator Gar Movement in the Lower Trinity River, Texas

Luke A. Roy, Terrill R. Hanson, Lisa B. Bott, Jesse A. Chappell

Production and Economic Comparison of Single Versus Multiple Harvests of Hybrid Catfish in a Commercial In-pond Raceway System in West Alabama Targeting Two Market Outlets

Todd D. Ewing, James C. Borawa, Robert P. Creed, Jr., Jacob M. Rash

Effect of Spring Discharge and Adult Abundance on Population Abundance of Two Southern Appalachian Rainbow Trout Populations

Amanda M. Bushon, Jacob M. Rash, David L. Yow, Andrew P. Wheeler

Suitability of Stocked Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout for Trophy Management in Apalachia Reservoir, North Carolina

Jennifer Bock , Stephen Rockwood, Donald Fox, David Douglas

Using GIS and a Multi-Criteria Decision Tool to Identify and Prioritize Freshwater Resources for Management Actions

Anthony V. Fernando, Wilson C. Short

Comparison of Angler Pressure Counts by Manned and Unmanned Aircraft on an Arkansas Tailwater Fishery

Anthony V. Fernando, Trey Reid, Scott A. Wyatt, Brian T. Aston

Lessons Learned While Establishing an Unmanned Aircraft Program at a State Natural Resource Management Agency

Sarah M. Brown, Steven E. Hayslette

Effects of a Milo Diet, Mineral Supplementation, and Native Seed Use in Pen-Raised Northern Bobwhites

Mark J. Gudlin, Adam S. Willcox, Kirstin E. Fagan, Roger D. Applegate

Survey of Tennessee Landowners Participating in Conservation Reserve Program Practice Focused on Restoring Native Grasslands and Northern Bobwhite in Tennessee

H. Tyler Pittman

Cost and Forage Production of Food Plots, Prescribed Fire, and Roller Chopping for Northern Bobwhite at Babcock-Webb Wildlife Management Area, Florida

Bradley S. Cohen, Samantha E. Askin, Gregory D. Balkcom, R. Joseph Benedict, Jr., James A. Rader, J. Dale James, Bret A. Collier, Michael J. Chamberlain

Survival and Distribution of Black-bellied Whistling-duck (Dendrocygna autumnalis) in the Southeastern United States

Michael L. Schummer, Allison M. Smith, Richard M. Kaminski, Kevin M. Hunt, Elizabeth St. James, Houston Havens

Achievement-Oriented Effects on Waterfowl-Hunt Quality at Mississippi Wildlife Management Areas

James M. Whitaker, Kevin M. Ringelman, Joseph R. Marty, Will Selman, Jeb T. Linscombe

Changes in Waterfowl Abundance and Species Composition on Louisiana Coastal Wildlife Management Areas and Refuges 2004-2016

Kathleen B. Quebedeaux, Andrew R. Little, Nathan P. Nibbelink, Gino J. D'Angelo, Charlie H. Killmaster, Karl V. Miller

Variation in White-tailed Deer Antler Size: The Effects of Age, Landscape Composition, and Physiographic Province

Nancy Sandoval, Brian L. Williams, Stephen S. Ditchkoff, Mark D. Smith

Relative Efficacy of a Urine-based Lure for Attracting Wild Pigs

Sarah B. Wilson, Stephen S. Ditchkoff, Robert A. Gitzen, Todd D. Steury

Eastern Gray Squirrel Survival in a Seasonally-Flooded Hunted Bottomland Forest Ecosystem

Lori A. Williams, Jacob M. Rash, John D. Groves, Lorie L. Stroup, Doug Blatny

Engaging North Carolina's Trout Anglers and Other Stakeholders to Help Conserve Eastern Hellbenders

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