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Chris J. Wood, David W. Goodfred, Jacob M. Rash

Assessment of Stocking Advanced Fingerling Brown Trout in a North Carolina Tailrace

Jacob M. Rash, Amanda M. Bushon, David L. Yow, Andrew P. Wheeler

Using an Angler Creel Survey to Supplement a Stocked Trout Fishery Evaluation in a North Carolina Reservoir

Ronald Ahle, Jason Bettinger

Trout Growth and Mortality Following Water Quality and Flow Improvements on the Lower Saluda River in South Carolina

Justin Spaulding, Mark Rogers

Smallmouth Bass Population Characteristics and Minimum Length Limit Evaluation in Two Tennessee Rivers

Jason Bettinger

Evaluation of Two Sizes of Fingerling Smallmouth Bass Stocked into a South Carolina River

Brandon W. Baker, Steve E. Lochmann

Interannual Variability in Spatial and Temporal Spawning Distributions of White Bass in the Arkansas River

Michael J. Porta, Daniel E. Shoup, Richard A. Snow

Diet and Population Characteristics of Stocked Age-0 Saugeye in an Oklahoma Reservoir

Micah J. Waters, Richard A. Snow, Michael J. Porta

Comparison of Browned and Standard Otolith Preparation Methods for Estimating Age of Catfish in Oklahoma

Michael J. Porta, Shelby E. Jeter, Richard A. Snow

Age Estimate Precision of Bluegill and Redear Sunfish Using Broken and Whole Otoliths

Nagaraj G. Chatakondi

Effects of Incubation Temperature and Parental Male Species on Hatching Success and Progeny Performance of Channel Catfish and Hybrid Catfish

Randall Myers, Mitchell Nisbet, Susanna Harrison

Alligator Gar Reproduction, Growth, and Recruitment in Falcon Reservoir, Texas

Nathan R. Hartline, Dennis R. DeVries, Russell A. Wright, James A. Stoeckel, Lindsay M. Horne

Effect of Temperature on Respiratory Responses to Increasing Hypoxia for Five Species of Nongame Stream Fishes

Cecil A. Jennings, Michael Allen, Carolyn Belcher, Robert Bringolf, Donald Dennerline, Taconya Goar, Kurt Kuklinski, James Long, Patricia Mazik, Dennis Riecke, Mark Rogers

Congratulations on Your Promotion to Management:Considerations for New Supervisory Biologists

Timothy W. Birdsong, Stephan Magnelia, John Botros, Megan Bean, Alana Hoffman, M. Melissa Parker, Sarah Robertson

Texas River Access and Conservation Areas: A Case Study in Use of Riparian Leases to Enhance Angler Access and Facilitate River Stewardship

J. Wesley Neal, Bryant M. Haley, Zachary S. Moran

Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico: Effects on Reservoir Water Quality and Fish Community Structure and Resilience

Austin Griffin, Bruce Hoagland, Kurt Kuklinski

Relationship Between Water Quality and Relative Weight of Four Sportfish Species in Oklahoma Impoundments

M. Todd Driscoll, J. Warren Schlechte, Daniel J. Daugherty, Sarah E. Haas

Evaluating Material Type and Configuration of Plastic Attractors on Fish Use in a Texas Reservoir

Lawrence Dorsey

Assessing Angler Use and Demographics at Three Small Impoundments using Trail Cameras

Alaina P. Gerrits, Patrick H. Wightman, Jay R. Cantrell, Charles R. Ruth, Michael J. Chamberlain, Bret A. Collier

Eastern Wild Turkey Response to Hunting Feral Hogs with Dogs

Daniel J. Sullivan, Micah L. Poteet, Bret A. Collier, Michael J. Chamberlain

Nesting Activity and Nest Site Characteristics of a Translocated Eastern Wild Turkey Population in East Texas

Jacob H. White, David J. Moscicki, David Forrester, Jason Hardin, Michael J. Chamberlain, Bret A. Collier

Evaluating Reproductive Parameters of Rio Grande Wild Turkeys to Guide Policy Decisions in Texas

James M. Whitaker, Joseph R. Marty, Samantha A. Collins, Miah S. Lognion, Daniel U. Greene

Bait Preference and Banding Cost Analysis for Mourning Doves in the Chenier Plain of Southwest Louisiana

Molly R. Kneece, Joseph D. Lancaster, J. Brian Davis, Dean E. Harrigal

Survival and Recovery of Mottled Ducks in Coastal South Carolina, 2008?2018

Jill Penn, Maribel Fernandez, Mia Malloy, Priya Babu, Jessica James, Angie Nguyen

Assessing Genetic Diversity of Migratory and Non-migratory Birds in a Rapidly Developing Region of the Georgia Piedmont

Nicholas W. Bakner, Steven S. Madere, Johnathan Bordelon, Scott Durham, Bret A. Collier

Behavioral Responses of Female White-tailed Deer to Small Game Hunting Activities

Gino J. D'Angelo, ,Thomas J. Prebyl, David A. Osborn, Jacalyn P. Rosenberger

Best Management Practices and Current Status of Dog-Deer Hunting in the Southeastern United States

Jeffrey P. Duguay, Maria Davidson, James Lacour, Tony Vidrine

Field Evaluation of a Commercial Feeder to Control Wild Pigs

Jeffrey P. Duguay, Maria Davidson, James Lacour, Tony Vidrine

Field Evaluation of a Commercial Feeder to Control Wild Pigs

Michael J. Hooker, David A. Jared, Robert J. Warren, Karl V. Miller, Michael J. Chamberlain

Characterizing American Black Bear (Ursus americanus) Highway Crossing Locations in Central Georgia

Leslie M. Burger, Katherine E. Abell

Participation in Select Nature-based Recreational Activities by Rural Mississippi Youth

W. Daryl Jones, Jerry Brashier, Jeanne C. Jones, Ian A. Munn, Stephen C. Grado

Wildlife-related Recreation Impacts on Rural Land Values

Shem D. Unger, Lori A. Williams, Charles R. Lawson, John D. Groves

Using Trail Cameras to Assess Recreation in Hellbender Streams of North Carolina National Forests

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