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Referees Acknowledgments

Referees Acknowledgments

The Journal of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies is published annually according submission guidelines. All manuscripts are subject to peer review by members of the Southeastern Section of the Wildlife Society and the Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society. Listed below are the referees that have provided reviews for the Journal. The Association and the editorial office are indebted to these individuals for their valuable services.



Preston Bean

Phil Bettoli

Tim Birdsong

Craig Bonds

Tim Bonner

Tim Bonvechio

Darrell Bowman

Aaron Bunch

Mark Cantrell

Solomon David

Johnathan Davis

Kevin Dockendorf

Lawrence Dorsey

Mike Eggleton

Troy Farmer

Dan Garren

Gene Gilliland

Christy Graham

Bob Greenlee

Brent Hess

Kat Hoenke

Mike Holley

Dan Isermann

John Jackson

Wally Jenkins

Cecil Jennings

John Knight

Rebecca Krogman

Kurt Kuklinski

Jean Leitner

Steve Lochmann

Jim Long

Melissa Longman

Ryan Lothrup

Sean Lynott

Mike Maceina

Matt Marshall

Wes Neal

John Odenkirk

Jason Olive

Patrick O'Rouke

Brandon Peoples

Bill Pine

Mark Porath

Jake Rash

Ben Ricks

Dennis Riecke

Jeremy Risely

Jeff Slipke

Scott Smith

Richard Snow

Mike Tringali

Melissa Wuellner


Bart Ballard

Mike Cherry 

Bradley Cohen

Dan Collins

Craig Davis

John Edwards

Mark Ford

Bill Gray

William Hopkins

John Kilgo

Tiffany Lane

Michael Lavelle

Chris Moorman

Karen Powers

Craig Rohair

Jason Scott

Mark Vrtiska



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