C. W. Watson Award Winners

The C.W. Watson Award is the most prestigious award given in the Southeast and is presented to the career individual who, in the opinion of the Award Committee, has made the greatest contribution to wildlife or fish conservation during the previous year or years. Consideration includes research, administration, law enforcement, I&E, wildlife management, fish management, and includes teachers, professionals, and students. This award is presented jointly by the Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society, the Southeastern Section of the Wildlife Society, and the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.

For more information about the award please visit the C.W. Watson Award Committee page.


2020 Dr. L. E. "Steve" Miranda , Mississippi

2019 Alvin A. Taylor, South Carolina

2018 Karl V. Miller, Georgia

2017 Cindy Dohner, Georgia

2016 John Fischer, Georgia

2015  Herman Todd Holbrook, Georgia

2014 Fred A. Harris, North Carolina

2013 Richard M. Kaminski, Mississippi 

2012 David Whitehurst, Virginia 

2011 James L. Byford, Tennessee 

2010 Sam Hamilton, Georgia

2009 J. Whitfield Gibbons, Georgia 

2008 Charles Baxter, Mississippi 

2007 Louie P. (Pete) Heard, Mississippi 

2006 Robert M. Brantly, Florida 

2005 Kenneth M. Babcock, Missouri 

2004 David Waller, Georgia 

2003 James E. “Jim” Miller, Mississippi 

2002 Gary T. Myers, Tennessee 

2001 John E. Frampton, South Carolina 

2000 Steve Wilson, Arkansas 

1999 Joe L. Herring, Louisiana 

1998 Wilmer A. Rogers, Alabama 

1997 James Earl Kennamer, South Carolina 

1996 James A. Timmerman, South Carolina 

1995 A. Sydney Johnson, Georgia 

1994 Daniel W. Speake, Alabama 

1993 Robert Jenkins, Arkansas 

1992 Lowell K. Halls, Texas 

1991 Charles D. Kelley, Arkansas 

1990 Carl R. Sullivan, Washington, D.C.


1989 Gary C. Matlock, Texas 

1988 Herman L. Holbrook, South Carolina 

1987 Larry R. Gales, Missouri 

1986 James “Ted” Joanen, Louisiana

1985 Dale H. Arner, Mississippi 

1984 Robert J. Kemp, Texas 

1983 Harold E. Alexander, Arkansas

1982 Chester McConnell, Washington, D.C.

1981 Don W. Hayne, North Carolina 

1980 Frank Hayes, Georgia 

1979 Leonard Foote, Georgia 

1978 Jack Crockford, Georgia 

1977 Earl Frye, Jr., Florida 

1976 Carroll J. Perkins, Mississippi 

1975 William Turcotte, Mississippi 

1974 Verlon Carter, Georgia 

1973 Harold Warvel, Tennessee 

1972 Trusten Holder, Arkansas

1971 Chester Phelps, Virginia 

1970 Forst Kellog, Georgia 

1969 Fred Fish, North Carolina 

1968 John Crumb, Virginia 

1967 Ten Kistner, Georgia 

1966 Price Williams, Tennessee 

1965 Bob Stevens, South Carolina 

1964 Clarence W. Watson