Forest Land Resources

The Forest Resources Committee is responsible for advising the SEAFWA Directors and making recommendations on issues and matters pertaining to or affecting fish and wildlife resources on Southeastern forest lands, including private, state and Federal.  This Committee shall be the primary SEAFWA committee to address these issues with forest management agencies, as well as private forest entities.  

Chairman: Donald “Duck” Locascio Jr.
LDWF Forestry Section
Biologist Program Manager 

P.O. Box 98000
Baton  Rouge, LA 70898-9000

T   225-765-2347 
M  504-275-6879
F   225-763-5456

Andrew Nix - AL
Martin Blaney - AR
Morgan Richardson - FL
Jessica McGuire - GA
Zak Danks - KY
Duck Locascio - LA
John Tuttle - MO
​Adam Butler - MS
Casey Phillips - NC
Joe Hemphill - OK
Gary Burger - SC
Brian Chandler - TN
Corey Mason - TX
Rick Bush - VA
Keith Krantz - WV