Wildlife Resources

The Wildlife Resources Committee is responsible for advising the SEAFWA Directors and making recommendations on issues and matters regarding wildlife resources which may affect the ability of member states to fulfill their fish and wildlife management responsibilities. The duties of the former Black Bear, Dove, Fur Resources, Farm Wildlife and Wild Turkey Committees shall be the responsibility of this Committee, including expanding activities in these areas as appropriate.  Membership on this committee should include a representative from each member state as recommended by the state Director.

Chair: John W. Bowers
Georgia Wildlife Resources Division

2070 U.S. Highway 278, S.E.
Social Circle, Georgia 30025

T   770-918-6404
E   john.bowers@dnr.ga.gov

Keith Gauldin - AL
Brad Carner - AR
Diane Eggeman - FL
Steve Beam - KY
Kenny Ribbeck - LA
Jason Summers - MO
Russ Walsh - MS

David Cobb - NC
Alan Peoples - OK
Billy Dukes - SC
Mark Gudlin - TN
Corey Mason - TX
Cale Godfrey - VA
Gary Foster - WV