OCTOBER 17 - 20, 2021



Tinker Cliffs ViewThe SEAFWA conducts an annual conference each fall to provide a forum for the presentation of information and exchange of ideas regarding the management and protection of fish and wildlife resources throughout the nation but with emphasis on the southeast. Representatives from state and federal agencies, citizen's organizations, universities, and private wildlife research groups present their latest findings relative to resource management, both through scientific research and actual case histories. Fisheries and wildlife scientists present peer-reviewed papers at their respective sessions, agency enforcement personnel exchange information on tactics and mutual problems, agency attorneys discuss the latest developments in wildlife law and other pertinent legal issues, and information and education personnel address relative communication, marketing, and public relations matters. The conference provides a well-balanced exchange of ideas and information of significant benefit to the conservation community in its efforts to manage fish and wildlife resources. 

The 75th Annual Conference will be held October 17 - 20, 2021. Click here to learn more about the Conference

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